Siddarth Khare

Siddarth Khare, aged 28 years is an adult with mild intellectual disability. He attended Aakanksha for his special educational needs for quite some time But unfortunately had to drop out from the school after the sad demise of his father. After some years, he himself approached Aakanksha authorities to explore the possibility of seeking a job. Looking to his interest, Aakanksha decided to give him on job training for two months. After this period he was absorbed on the rolls of Aakanksha.

Presently, he is efficiently managing the work allotted at the reception desk. He takes the signature and other details of the visitors / outsiders in the “Visitor’s Register”. Thereafter he interacts with them to find out the purpose of their visit and appropriately guides them to the respective department or person.

He also helps us in the office. Once the office papers are marked, he files the papers in the respective files taking into consideration the dates on the papers. On the days of examination or on the event of any training programmes, he is also allocated the work of distributing water to the B.Ed and D.Ed students or the trainees as the case may be. He also helps in arrangement of desk benches during the exams.

Whatever is the nature of the work, he does it efficiently.

He is active not only at his work, but is enthusiastic to know about the events happening in the premises and participates accordingly. Singing is his hobby and he voluntarily participates in any singing programme held in the institute.

His mother is very happy for the reason that she has observed a lot of behavioural changes in Siddhart. She says that more important than his earning is the change that his employment has brought in his life. He has become more disciplined and active owing to the responsibility of the job and has got rid of the bad company whom he moved about in the absence of his family members.