Tarun Shendre

Tarun Shendre, aged 27 years is an adult with severe intellectual disability with associated condition of recurrent seizures (fits). In addition to this his speech is also impaired.
He took admission in our school when he was around7-8 years of age. After some years of schooling, he was given age appropriate prevocational training and other  aspects. His parents would treat him like a child and were always over protective. After counseling the parents, they started delegating him small house hold chores.At home, now he helps his sister and mother in their kitchen work like cleaning up the vegetables,making tea for the family members orhimself. He also goes to themarket nearby and brings grocery items from the nearby store when given a list of the same.

After some years of schooling he dropped out from the school because of his health issues.
After some years of  gap his father came to us  and requested us to the train Tarun in any of the vocational aspects so that he is positively engaged.  They were not willing to send him with some other adults of Aakanksha who were placed in a medical complex for training because of the fear of exploitation. His father did not mind his training in any tasks at Aakanksha.
He comes to the school daily in his cycle and commutes a distance of 8 km. Owing to his intellectual disability and health issues, we did not delegate him strenuous work.Presently, he is placed in our therapy section. He is allotted the job of bringing children from different classrooms of our day care school to the respective therapy departments.  After the children finish their therapy session, Tarun would take them back to their classes or other therapy section as per the time table set for the child. He also assists the therapists in their sessions like assisting the therapist in positioning the hands of the child for proper weight bearing, helping on the therapy ball or assisting in tying up the   belts while placing the children on the standing frame, help the children in wearing their sandals after the therapy sessions on any other work as instructed by the therapist from time to time.
In addition to this he also helps in dusting / cleaning up the therapy equipments, circulating circular register, distributing tea to the staff of therapy department and any other work as need be,depending on his ability.